The Best Things I’ve Seen (So Far)

Bob’s Special Tours - How could this not make the list? When looking for cheaper alternatives to the Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg for our trip (that we couldn’t go on), Lexi stumbled upon this little gem. From an actual, legitimate tour with a really creepy name to an awkward hangout with an actually, legitimately creepy man, we had no idea what it actually was.

Lesley the Pony Has an A+ Day - A happy fairytale cartoon short about a pretty pony. A wonderful end to our Film Appreciation class. On the second day. It was very unexpected, but we all love it now.

Acrobats and aerialists in the park - On our second day at the Donube River park, a group of acrobats, aerialists, and other performers showed up and decided to practice all around us. And they kept coming. We ended up having two people swinging things around, two pairs of aerialists spinning each other around, and eventually, someone setting up a tightrope through the whole middle of the park using trees.

I couldn’t leave out our honorable mention moments, such as:

Lexi getting her skirt caught in the escalator at the U-bahn station, with several people behind us.

The man clipping his toenails at the Danube River, because out in public is the perfect place for that.

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