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This is a super old photo, and not even from Vienna. It's two paintings I saw when visiting an art gallery in Peoria, IL with my boyfriend and his family. I just really love how they were designed and painted!

I found this peek into Jamie Derringer's artwork really inspiring!

Wait, is it a refugee crisis or a migrant crisis? It's both, but they mean different things.

We found water on Mars! Well, evidence of it at least.

Wut? I want one!! Especially the one with all the windows and open space. Too bad they're only in northern California. :(

Ana Marta is someone I find really inspiring. Love watching her on Youtube too.

WHAT. That's so cheap!! I can't wait for Norwegian Air to start these cheap flights!

I need to step up my hand-lettering game. It's time to get creative.

Imagine describing everything like this. Everything you said would be endlessly confusing.

Minimal, botanical, lettering, from Corina Nika (my favorite designer) - what more could I ask for?

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