Farmers Markets in St. Louis, Missouri

Shopping locally is a wonderful way to support your neighbors and local farmers. It can often be daunting to figure out when and where you can shop from local sources, so I've compiled this handy schedule of some local St. Louis Farmers Markets for you! You can find the Google Calendar at the bottom of this post, or go straight to it here.

Local Harvest Grocery

Aside from Farmers' Markets, one of my favorite sources for local produce, bulk goods, and other products is Local Harvest Grocery south of Tower Grove Park. It's a grocery store that's open every day, so you can simply shop as you would in any other grocery store. They have a seasonal selection of local produce, locally-made products, a bulk section that also includes spices and household products (yay!), and a little bakery counter with vegan treats to satisfy all of your delicious and nutritious food needs.

They also have Weekly Harvest subscription boxes that they assemble with goodies from local sources and have ready for you to pick up each week. They are customizable based on your diet and food preferences. How amazing is that? They even offer a 10% discount on your store purchase if you ride your bike there through the nation-wide Bicycle Benefits program, which I did not know was a thing, but am so happy that it is. Now I can put my bike basket to good use!