Budapest for a Day

Yesterday, Lexi, Marion, and I woke up bright and early at 6 am to catch a train to Hungary. Only having gotten 3 hours of sleep because of a cold and cough, I thought I might end up miserable all day. Thankfully that wasn't the case.

Night Out at the Opera

Two Friday nights ago, I saw an opera for the first time in my life. Lexi, Toria, and I headed out to see Anna Bolena.

We dressed in our finest casual wear only to find others walking through the grand front doors of the Wien Staatsoper (the Vienna National Opera House) in tuxedos and sparkling ballgowns. That's when we decided that we had to find another entrance because this one certainly wasn't for use by us normal-folk.

After getting our 3 Euro tickets for a glamorous spot at the standing-room-only rails, we headed to the very top of the theater to find our spots at the next-to-the-top steps of the Gallery. We were living large.

Wanderung at Kahlenberg

About a month ago, I went on a little adventure into the Vienna forests with Marion and Lexi. We headed over to a beautiful hiking spot at Kahlenberg Mountain and took the trail all the way back down the mountain since we had taken a bus to the top. The views were phenomenal. I'm so happy I brought my camera, and remembered to take my allergy medicine the day before too. Both were a big help.

Links / 4

This is a super old photo, and not even from Vienna. It's two paintings I saw when visiting an art gallery in Peoria, IL with my boyfriend and his family. I just really love how they were designed and painted!

I found this peek into Jamie Derringer's artwork really inspiring!

Wait, is it a refugee crisis or a migrant crisis? It's both, but they mean different things.

We found water on Mars! Well, evidence of it at least.

Wut? I want one!! Especially the one with all the windows and open space. Too bad they're only in northern California. :(

Ana Marta is someone I find really inspiring. Love watching her on Youtube too.

WHAT. That's so cheap!! I can't wait for Norwegian Air to start these cheap flights!

I need to step up my hand-lettering game. It's time to get creative.

Imagine describing everything like this. Everything you said would be endlessly confusing.

Minimal, botanical, lettering, from Corina Nika (my favorite designer) - what more could I ask for?

The Long Night of Museums

Last night was one of my favorite nights in Vienna so far. The Langenachte der Museen gave Lexi, Sylvia, and I a chance to go to four of Vienna's many art museums for only 11 Euro! The museums stayed open until 1 am, giving the huge crowd that was out and about last night plenty of time to see several different museums all across the city.

The Best Things I’ve Seen (So Far)

Bob’s Special Tours - How could this not make the list? When looking for cheaper alternatives to the Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg for our trip (that we couldn’t go on), Lexi stumbled upon this little gem. From an actual, legitimate tour with a really creepy name to an awkward hangout with an actually, legitimately creepy man, we had no idea what it actually was.

Lesley the Pony Has an A+ Day - A happy fairytale cartoon short about a pretty pony. A wonderful end to our Film Appreciation class. On the second day. It was very unexpected, but we all love it now.

Acrobats and aerialists in the park - On our second day at the Donube River park, a group of acrobats, aerialists, and other performers showed up and decided to practice all around us. And they kept coming. We ended up having two people swinging things around, two pairs of aerialists spinning each other around, and eventually, someone setting up a tightrope through the whole middle of the park using trees.

I couldn’t leave out our honorable mention moments, such as:

Lexi getting her skirt caught in the escalator at the U-bahn station, with several people behind us.

The man clipping his toenails at the Danube River, because out in public is the perfect place for that.