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Holy crap, this is amazing news! The fact that this species is so human-like is really incredible. It's a missing link in our puzzle.

The coffee addiction is real. And so is the morning laziness. This should be a good solution to both.

Have you ever wondered why you should learn a second language?

I've found (just a few) good articles that talk about the refugees that are coming into Europe from Africa and the Middle East: from Serbia to Croatia, the situation as a whole, and Hungary's own issues with the massive influx of refugees.

If you don't know who Zipf is or what his mystery is about, watch this!

Getting informed on the future... I can dream, can't I? Having my own brand is my absolute #1 goal in life. That, and exploring new places.

A note to my creative side.

Wandering around Vienna

A few weeks ago, I decided I would go out and find a park. I wandered up the street and into Augarten park. It was absolutely beautiful and the entrance I found myself at seemed like it was tucked away behind apartment buildings and shops, just opposite of a busy intersection.

Weekend at Alte Donau

That weekend was probably the most relaxing time I’ve had so far. Actually, I don’t think I’ve felt that relaxed and calm and not stressed for a very long time. Sitting out in the park for 4 hours, two days in a row really does wonders.

We found a really nice (and free!) park on a stretch of the Alte Donau, where locals always go to cool off in the summer. The water is so cold, but exactly what you need when air-conditioned space is a rarity. I honestly felt really bad for not doing more relaxing and mini-vacation trips like this back home. I had all summer and I only went swimming once.

Schönbrunn Palace Gardens

I did not expect the first week to fly by. Adapting to a new country and trying to brokenly speak their language are huge tasks already, but when you pile on jetlag, classes, and levels of walking around that are pretty much unknown to you on a daily basis, plus that 6:00 am trip to another country for paperwork, it gets kind of hectic. I’m exhausted, but I couldn’t be happier.

On Wednesday of the first week of classes, instead of sleeping in, I got up early and took a mini morning excursion to the Schönbrunn Palace Gardens with Lexi. Boy, were they beautiful. And boy, was it hot.

European Countryside from the Rails

My trip to Milan back in earlier this month started off with a very long day.

Sylvia and I woke up at 4 am to catch a taxi to the airport for our supposed flight at 6:30 am that turned out to not actually be booked., you suck. So we did what normal people do and sit in the McDonalds Cafe for an hour, then decide you want to take a train 10 minutes before it leaves the airport station. So of course, we bought our tickets online, ran to the kiosk to pick them up, waited behind people who were taking their time trying to figure out how to work the kiosk in general, ran even faster to find the train (this involved running in circles like lunatics and me spilling coffee EVERYWHERE), hopped on the train, out of breath, two minutes before it left, and had to walk all the way through first class, where people were dressed in business attire, while we panted our way down the aisle. At this point, it’s only 6:32 am.

A Day in Bratislava, Slovakia

On my first Monday in Vienna, I went with a group to get my official visa from the Austrian Consulate! It’s located in Bratislava, Slovakia. Who knows why it’s in another country?

We left the dorms at a whomping 6:00 am to take an hour train out to Bratislava. Eww. (For the time, not Bratislava.) I was so groggy I hardly remember the journey there and half the morning.

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Holy CRAP. I want all of these on my wall. I'm going to have to start thinking about decorating my apartment for the spring.

My new reading list goal is to read most of these, or books like them. After I finish my 30 unread books on my bookshelf now, of course. + a flow chart for all of your contemporary novel needs.

This online store has the most adorable hand-crafted products!

I love t-shirts like this one. Anything with lines is sure to intrigue me.

Maybe this will finally help my hair.

I'm actually considering buying a design textbook, but the library at the home campus has so many. And they're free.

I'm thinking of doing something like this to my apartment or home one day.

First Impressions of Vienna

Written on 8/22/2015 - my first week in Vienna

I am absolutely loving Vienna so far! I love walking everywhere (but not in new shoes) and having small, non-Walmart stores and coffee and pastries sold everywhere. The only thing I’m not thrilled about at all is the ants that the hostel guests from summer break graciously left us, along with dried soda in the bottom of my wastebasket. It’s not exactly my cup of tea to worry about if I have ants crawling on me whenever the wind blows across my foot.