Schönbrunn Palace Gardens

I did not expect the first week to fly by. Adapting to a new country and trying to brokenly speak their language are huge tasks already, but when you pile on jetlag, classes, and levels of walking around that are pretty much unknown to you on a daily basis, plus that 6:00 am trip to another country for paperwork, it gets kind of hectic. I’m exhausted, but I couldn’t be happier.

On Wednesday of the first week of classes, instead of sleeping in, I got up early and took a mini morning excursion to the Schönbrunn Palace Gardens with Lexi. Boy, were they beautiful. And boy, was it hot.
Finally wandering around with my camera, I got some beautiful shots. I had a really great time walking around and being a tourist with Lexi. There’s not too much to say, except we took tons of photos and had a really nice walk through the huge gardens. I would definitely recommend going, and you can count on me going back to take a break from school. Once we finally get our semester metro passes, that is.

P.S. Can we talk about that totally unintentional awkward gap between us? Definitely did not think we were that far apart when we took the last photo...

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