When Too Much Planning Holds You Back

You know that wonderful feeling of making a list, writing down everything - EVERYTHING - you could possibly need to do, getting it all laid out and organized in front of you? Ready to go, all planned out, time-estimated, calendar-blocked. And then what? Nothing.

We all know that feeling, that resounding feeling of stuck that sometimes creeps in after seemingly getting all your shit together and ducks in a row. You know exactly what you need to do, and now it's time to go and do it. But then, you're suddenly hit with "that's a whole lot" and thinking you couldn't possibly get it all done. So why even bother, right? You just spent all that energy thinking and writing and planning it all out - you deserve a break.


That's the resistance crawling into focus in your mind from that back corner where it lives. Don't feed that beast. Don't give in to the resistance. I know it is hard, but push forward as best you can. Accomplish the smallest task on the list, the easiest, most minuscule victory will give you enough dopamine to quell that ugly beast and pull you forward.