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I have finally completed a long-awaited closet declutter, after having let unworn, ill-fitting, and just-not-my-style clothing pile up in my closet for months. Not to mention the fact that I was so overwhelmed that I moved with all of this, knowing that at least 1/3 of it needed to go. Just imagine that for a second - carrying 30 lbs of clothing down 3 flights of stairs, and then up 5 flights of stairs, just to be decluttered. Please, for the love of all that is good, don't be like me.

Now that you've been scared straight, you can do well for yourself (and your back) and declutter your wardrobe down to the pieces that you use regularly and absolutely love to wear. It will lighten your load (mentally and physically) and make the daily question of "what do I want to wear today?" so much easier to answer when only the right answers are hanging in your wardrobe and none of the wrong.

Clear a space.

If you're anything like me, your room always has a project going on inside. On multiple surfaces. For the moment, pack those projects up, make your bed, and sweep the floor so that you have a nice clean surface to lay out all of your clothes. Cleaning before you start also means you'll already have a clean space when you finish and put it all away, so be kind to yourself for that post-declutter sigh of relief.

Bring it ALL out. Yes. All of it.

I know there are parts of your closet that you think you have under wraps and don't need to go through, but trust me. Your mind is getting ahead of itself, and if you don't take your whole wardrobe into consideration now, you might just find that you'll have to do another cull later because you're still finding some stress or clutter in there. Don't overlook the small parts, even accessories like bags, scarves, hats, or shoes.

Don't try it on, you already know if it fits and how it looks.

Simply looking at an item of clothing, you'll know whether or not you love to wear it - after all, that's what you do in the morning to get dressed right? That being said, if you're always trying a certain piece on when you get dressed, looking in the mirror, and seeing that it's never as great as you expected - that piece isn't serving you. And all of your clothing should serve you.

Do I love it? What joy or ease does this bring me?

Asking the simple questions in my life often create the most profound answers. How does this item serve me - in joy or in function?

Those ratty old tennis shoes don't look nice at all - but do you use them every time you go out to garden, so that your running shoes or daily shoes don't get covered in grime? They serve a purpose, though maybe shouldn't be stored in with your day-to-day shoes, and instead tucked away in a washroom where the grime won't spread.

How can I pass along what doesn't serve me?

So now you've sorted out all of the things that don't serve you as well as they need to. Your possessions should be owned by you, not own you, right? Clothing should adorn your body, not clutter your closet. But that's not to say that what is clutter to you couldn't bring joy or service to someone else. We all lead beautifully different lives, after all, so what doesn't bring value to you could be an ultimate score for someone else. The question now is "How do I get it to them?"

  • Give to friends and family. Send some hand-me-downs to a sibling or cousin or family-friend who might love and need what you have decluttered. Host a clothing swap with some friends. Someone might be absolutely in love with that top or scarf that just wasn't working for you - ask around to bring a little joy to your circle!
  • Donate locally. Hop on over to your local charity shop or thrift store to donate your goods (and don't forget to ask for a receipt for when it's time for taxes!) where they'll be sorted and sold in store. Bonus points if your chosen charity shop sells or donates the clothes that they don't take to sell to fabric banks to lessen their waste!
  • Consign it away. This generally isn't the most lucrative option, but can be an easy way to get some pocket money if your items are brand-name, high-quality, or in excellent condition! If you've got the time (and patience) drive around to a couple, even from the same chain, to see if a store in a different area needs something that the previous store didn't take.
  • Check with your local community for garage sale opportunities. Host your own, or check to see if your community or city holds an annual "parking lot market" where you can rent a parking space to sell your goods!
  • List your clothing online. There are so many websites and apps geared to selling locally and long-distance! A few include: Facebook market, Craigslist, Letgo, Mercari, Poshmark, and Depop! Speaking of Depop...

Shop my closet!

Check out my depop shop to snag some beautiful pieces that could be an amazing addition to your own wardrobe and serve your life, that just simply weren't what was needed in mine! No two lives (and wardrobes) should look the same. Here are some of the excellent-condition pieces that I have listed on my depop, hop on over to see them all! I'm on depop @madi_lyons and poshmark @thevelvetpine.

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