Exploring 2017

Honestly, I can say I'm pretty psyched for 2017. I started off this year coming home to a new apartment in St. Louis that finally felt like home, beginning some incredibly interesting classes at school that are putting a huge spike in my creative juices, and gearing up for my last year of college. That's some pretty exciting stuff! I've decided to take all of this positive energy and make a list of all of the things I'm grateful for, excited for, and hoping to explore in the coming year.

In Search of Positive Vibes

We all know the feeling - everything is going great, fantastic, just how it should be, and then it just isn't. Now you're stuck in a rut and majorly in need of some uplifting words. The cold weather always gets me that way, some years worse than others. This year wasn't particularly tough, but I still felt the shift into positivity and energy once the 70-degree spring weather rolled around.

I know hearing what others do to fix this problem or that can often be helpful for me to figure out how to deal with challenges that I'm having, so I'd like to share with you this little collection of things that help me get out of the slump, or just generally perk me up.