Weekend at Alte Donau

That weekend was probably the most relaxing time I’ve had so far. Actually, I don’t think I’ve felt that relaxed and calm and not stressed for a very long time. Sitting out in the park for 4 hours, two days in a row really does wonders.

We found a really nice (and free!) park on a stretch of the Alte Donau, where locals always go to cool off in the summer. The water is so cold, but exactly what you need when air-conditioned space is a rarity. I honestly felt really bad for not doing more relaxing and mini-vacation trips like this back home. I had all summer and I only went swimming once.

I took full advantage of my time this time around. However long we stayed, it felt like double. That’s how peaceful the area and the weather by the river was. We sat around, sunbathed, talked in the shade, people-watched (a favorite pass-time) the whole afternoon. I felt like I was meditating, almost. My head was so clear and it was an amazing breath of fresh air.

Even in all of its peacefulness, there was no lack of interesting sights. Namely, the little girl of the family sitting a ways in front of us that sounded suspiciously like a dog. She barked very realistically. And of course, the man who decided that this was prime real estate for toenail clipping.

I regret not going back more before the temperatures dropped, but I’m so happy I took the opportunity to go for a weekend. I feel like I started off my semester the right way.

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