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I've always wanted to get into podcasts. Maybe here (and the massive travel time I'm looking at) is a good place to start.

Hannah Montana talks about body dysmorphia and how it's a real thing that everyone has to deal with. I'm really proud of this girl and all she does for youth.

The blog of Amy V. Norris has been really intriguing me lately. I think it's the aesthetic and lifestyle she's got going. Plus, she gets me.

This should be a handy resource, considering all of the new (and old) habits I'm trying to start up again this semester.

I've really been thinking about eating healthier lately. My roommate is vegetarian, so it's easy for me to forget to buy/cook meat when we make bulk meals together, and vegan meals look really tasty. I probably won't become fully vegetarian/vegan, but I love the health benefits that come with eating that way a majority of the time.

For some reason, international, other-language-speaking Youtubers have been my favorite to watch. I can't understand what they say. At all. (Elodie and Astrid, most recently.)

New blogs I've been exploring recently: Bikinis & Passports, Blog Society, Jessie K. Farris, and Into Mind.

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