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Add this to the list of things I hate. It's up there, among the men who think they aren't being creepy when creepily "complimenting" me and asking for my number.

So many exhibitions I want to see at the Kemper Museum, namely this one on World War I, and another on social justice work.

I want to make amazing things, just like Henrik Ellersgaard made Drone Sans.

See look, it's science. I promise I know what I'm doing when I stay up all night.

I love poking around Jesse Chamberlin's website portfolio. It's so bright and colorful!

I think I need this.

This TED Talk called 'Social Services Are Broken' was really interesting.

Found an amazing new-to-me artist (Emily Carroll) through Fran Meneses! Her style reminds me of the Ava's Demon web comic (that I haven't finished yet....) a little bit. Kind of.

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