Joining my First Community Garden

I've finally done it! After years of keeping houseplants in tiny apartments (which is now overflowing with plants, I might add) I've finally decided to join a community garden in my city.

This was inspired in part by my ever-growing compulsion to plant and grow things, but also because of some of the Youtube channels I've been watching - check out Roots and Refuge and Bealtaine Cottage - that have me itching to grow my own food, even just a small portion, and participate in my community. And most importantly, to nurture Mama Earth.

As a preparatory effort during the frosty season still alive and well, I've been starting to research local gardens and seed libraries that I can be a part of. I've yet to decide on a specific garden location, but I've got a couple to scout out and see which works the best for me. I'll have more updates on my community gardening journey coming soon, which will all be under the "community gardening" tag on the blog.

Going along with that planting compulsion I mentioned earlier, I've got quite a windowsill nursery going in my extra bedroom's south-facing window. I've got a collection of un-labeled sprouts (oops) that consist of tomatoes (roma and grape), peppers (green bell and sweet), apple (gala and granny smith), spinach, and some butternut squash seeds that were planted waaay to early in the year, but will be experimented with indoors. And how could I forget about the two avocado pits that I'm attempting to sprout? No Millennial's apartment is complete without an avocado plant.

Some of these sprouts I plan to transplant into the community garden bed, which I think will be 4 x 4 feet, and some will be transplanted into larget pots and kept on the balcony this summer as an experiment and closer source of food. I'll be sure to document this journey and post updates on my journey of community gardening and apartment gardening!

Do you have experience in community or apartment gardening? Tell me about it! I would love to hear about your gardening journey too.

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