Joining my First Community Garden

I've finally done it! After years of keeping houseplants in tiny apartments (which is now overflowing with plants, I might add) I've finally decided to join a community garden in my city.

This was inspired in part by my ever-growing compulsion to plant and grow things, but also because of some of the Youtube channels I've been watching - check out Roots and Refuge and Bealtaine Cottage - that have me itching to grow my own food, even just a small portion, and participate in my community. And most importantly, to nurture Mama Earth.

As a preparatory effort during the frosty season still alive and well, I've been starting to research local gardens and seed libraries that I can be a part of. I've yet to decide on a specific garden location, but I've got a couple to scout out and see which works the best for me. I'll have more updates on my community gardening journey coming soon, which will all be under the "community gardening" tag on the blog.