Early Morning Sunrise

Let me start off by saying I have this thing that I call a 'homework sunrise'. These rare (hopefully) things can only be seen on all-nighters, when you work so much you don't go to bed until everyone else is about to wake up. Yeah, it's fun stuff.

Today I got to see my first Austrian homework sunrise. I'm not very proud of it, but one all-nighter was bound to happen. Even if I only had 12 hours of courses this semester instead of the ususal 18 plus a part-time job. (I'm not the greatest with time management sometimes, but I always meet my deadlines). It's my curse.

The sunrise was beautiful, even though I could only see a teeny bit of it down my street and even though I only took a couple of minutes to break, relax, and snap some photos. Yes, I started drinking that coffee at 6 am.

Days like today are always, always rough, but seeing the sun rise in the morning definitely makes it a little easier. It's the little things, you know? And hey, I didn't even have to wake up at the ungodly hour of 5 am to see a sunrise because I was already up! Bonus.

(I'm trying to justify my bad habits, okay? Just go with it...)

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