Design in Everyday LIfe

Chances are, if you are not a designer or a creative mind, you may not even realize just how much you rely on good design. Especially in our consumer world, submerged in technology and media, finely tuned design goes into everything - even the standard #2 pencil you've got stuck behind your ear or floating around inside of your backpack. The world relies on efficient, concise design that often goes unnoticed.

The text chosen for highway signs make them easier to read, therefore, our country easier to navigate. Bathroom signs, although now under scrutiny, identify our binary-gender restrooms to ensure privacy and safety. The need for communication even goes beyond text and language, referencing century old icon-based communication to inform people of different languages in international spaces such as airports and train stations.

When people think of Graphic Designers, they often think of sellout artists or just a cog in the corporate machine. "Oh, so you make logos?" is a common response people hear upon revealing themselves as designers. The truth, we have to explain, is so much more. We design ease of use. We design for feeling and emotion. We single-handedly create the atmosphere of luxury around big-name brands. The label on your insta-worthy health-food juice? That's us too. We create the visuals for every lifestyle and make it easy for you to read all of the information you will ever need. Everything you touch has been designed with careful consideration, as a service to visual literacy in the world, as well as an ode to the Graphic Artists of the past.

So, consider this the next time you buy something: What made you want to buy it? What drew you to it, over another product or brand?

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