Slowing Down

packing, sorting, cleaning, stressing, driving, walking, sleeping, drinking lots of coffee.
That about sums up my past two or three weeks.

It has been so freaking crazy this Summer, and I'm about to embark on a 4-month study abroad (in Vienna!) all on my own (with classmates). I guess what I'm trying to say is "It's about to get even crazier." I could not be more thrilled. I'll finally get a chance to travel on my own and with friends like I've always wanted. I can practice the German that I've been learning for 2 years and be fully immersed in the culture. I can eat savory Austrian and German food, pastries, and coffee to my heart's (and stomach's) content. I can finally relax for a semester and focus on things that I really want to do, like designing, drawing, writing, reading, creating, and practicing photography skills.

This semester is going to be a wonderful change of pace. I finally have a chance to slow down, explore, and embrace creativity on my own instead of in a class. I need a chance to get inspired since I've been feeling like anything I have done recently hasn't been a very unique or creative or passionate project. I remember drawing and water-coloring and painting for fun when I was younger and I want that passion and interest back.

On a different note though, my boyfriend popped in for a few days down in Texas to meet family and friends again. It was such a great week. We explored museums in Dallas for a day, ate the best barbecue, and visited with friends and family. I really needed to see him this week before I leave for four months abroad. I could not have been more excited to have him here for a week and I can't wait for the next time he visits. We have a lot more exploring (and eating) to do.

P.S. As you're reading this, I'm recuperating from a very long flight to Vienna! Ahh!

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