In with the New

It's finally all coming together, what I want to do with my online space, that is. Rose & Bandit has been my dream for most of this year. Countless brainstorming and doodling episodes, inspirational ideas, and projects beginning to be fleshed out, and all of this happened during class. Well, mostly during class. What can I say? It's where I can let my mind wander without the pressure of creation!

It seems only fitting that in a new dorm room, in a new city in a new country on a new continent (it seems there's a pattern going) that I begin a new and improved blog. I have a more narrow vision that actually has a focus now. I have access to a beautiful and inspiring city and scenery. It's only my first day and I'm loving it here in Vienna.

I pledge to devote time this semester (actually, though) to writing, reading, designing, photographing, drawing - basically doing anything that inspires me. This semester is about me.

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