Arrival in Austria

After a very long flight, I finally arrived in the Vienna International Airport on Tuesday morning, found all of my luggage, and missed my group taxi to campus. We're off to a great start. It did get better though, a million times better.
I absolutely love it here in Vienna. You can get anywhere without a car. There aren't huge, annoying Walmarts to walk around. You can get the same amount of things in the same amount of distance it takes you to walk around the store, but the scenery is so much nicer! 

The flight took so much out of me. Thankfully I'm on a normal sleeping schedule and actually getting sleep at night. My neck hurt horribly the first day of New Student Orientation, and I have sore legs and blisters on my feet, but walking around all day and seeing something new every time you go out is really fun.

Above are some photos of my dorm room after unpacking almost everything. My roommate, Riley, and I got one of the rooms on the front corner of the building, which means we get an amazing view, a curved room (with more room than a square one), tons of windows, and a beautiful balcony.


  1. Yay Madi! Hope you have so much fun in vienna!

    1. Thank you!! I'm already having a blast here. Everything is beautiful.

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