In Search of Positive Vibes

We all know the feeling - everything is going great, fantastic, just how it should be, and then it just isn't. Now you're stuck in a rut and majorly in need of some uplifting words. The cold weather always gets me that way, some years worse than others. This year wasn't particularly tough, but I still felt the shift into positivity and energy once the 70-degree spring weather rolled around.

I know hearing what others do to fix this problem or that can often be helpful for me to figure out how to deal with challenges that I'm having, so I'd like to share with you this little collection of things that help me get out of the slump, or just generally perk me up.

Go outside. As simple as it may seem, fresh air does a heck of a lot of good, especially if there's a breeze. For some reason, being outside, standing in the grass, and feeling a breeze on my skin makes me so much calmer when I'm having a stressful day.

Drink and eat. I don't know about you, but being in need of basic necessities sometimes just makes my mood plummet. If I'm feeling down, I might just be in need of some nourishment and love. Eating healthy and delicious food and making sure I'm hydrated (something I struggle with) are sure to help.

Just get some sleep. Naps can be your best friend, if you take advantage of them. Sometimes you simply can't get enough sleep during the night because of commitments and responsibilities that take place late at night or early in the morning. If you can't get your 8 hours at night, there's nothing wrong with taking a nap or two during the lulls during the day. Power naps are the real hero.

Listen to positive uplifting words. Positive affirmations are incredibly helpful in reforming the way you think about yourself and your situation. If you're in need of some positive and uplifting words, I have a few favorite Youtubers that always seem to put me in such a good mood, either with their positive words or the way they explore and explain the way we think and act.

Claire Michelle is a beautiful and sweet human with one of the kindest hearts I have ever seen. Her videos tend to be on the longer side, but never fail to make me smile and lift my spirits, no matter how I'm feeling that day.

McKenna Kaelin is a sweetheart with some really great candid advice videos. In particular, her videos on positivity and self-love from last spring are some of my favorites. Most of her videos have an uplifting vibe and her light and airy aesthetic sure are a bonus.

Annie Tarasova is an incredibly wise girl from Australia who makes incredibly educated videos on positivity, the mind, and other interesting topics as well. I always walk away from her videos having learned something new, and in such a great mood. Plus, her photography and videography are just so dreamy, if you needed any more incentive.

I know these are just a few solutions and super simple ones at that, but they can sometimes be all you need. I hope they've helped you as much as they help me! Feel free to leave some suggestions of what you do to relieve stress and boost your mood. I'm always curious and keen to develop some new positive habits!

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