Exploring 2017

Honestly, I can say I'm pretty psyched for 2017. I started off this year coming home to a new apartment in St. Louis that finally felt like home, beginning some incredibly interesting classes at school that are putting a huge spike in my creative juices, and gearing up for my last year of college. That's some pretty exciting stuff! I've decided to take all of this positive energy and make a list of all of the things I'm grateful for, excited for, and hoping to explore in the coming year.

I'm so grateful for:
  • my loving boyfriend who always supports me and my strange creative interests
  • having a space that finally feels like home
  • having an extra year in school to fully explore my interests and skills as a graphic designer
  • people who are fighting for transparency, accuracy, and understanding when it comes to the news & media sharing
  • people who are spreading love and acceptance instead of intolerance
I'm so excited for:
  • upcoming internship opportunities that I plan on taking advantage of this summer
  • attending my second AIGA conference in Minneapolis with my fellow graphic design students
  • living gratefully in my beautiful apartment this summer
  • decorating my apartment and making it a houseplant heaven 
I'm so ready to explore:
  • taking a road trip from PA to TX with my very best friends this summer
  • finally visiting Chicago (eventually), which is a mere 6 hours from where I've lived for the past four years
  • camping out this summer at some incredibly beautiful places around St. Louis (that I also, haven't taken advantage of yet for some unknown reason)
  • creating a space to share my interests and creations online (an online shop, maybe?)
  • taking the time to finally explore the unique venues of St. Loius, the city I've lived in for nearly four years now
  • learning to cook more new foods (specifically Asian dishes, which I am particularly terrible at)
  • stretching and exercising to make my body healthier and happier (to make up for those days when I can't be bothered and eat half a can of Pringles at once...)
I hope you all are as excited for this year as I am, despite the vulgar hate that is endorsed by our current president here in the U.S. We can change the tone of America & all it takes is love and persistence. Instead of focusing on the wrong, work on creating what's right. Love yourself, and those around you. Banish those negative thoughts from your mind, they take up far too much energy to deserve a place at the table for very long. Working toward a future that empowers and inspires you is what will sustain you.

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