Wanderung at Kahlenberg

About a month ago, I went on a little adventure into the Vienna forests with Marion and Lexi. We headed over to a beautiful hiking spot at Kahlenberg Mountain and took the trail all the way back down the mountain since we had taken a bus to the top. The views were phenomenal. I'm so happy I brought my camera, and remembered to take my allergy medicine the day before too. Both were a big help.

We walked for quite a while and took so many photos before stopping for lunch. We pulled out our packed lunches and had a little picnic at a lookout spot with a wonderful view of the city and Donube River.

By the end of the day, we'd walked about 5 miles, gotten to breath some fresh mountain air, and seen some beautiful views of the whole of Vienna which was a great accomplishment in my book. 

After we left the forest trail, we wandered through a Vienna suburb that had more amazing city views, still following our trail markers. It was beautiful, quiet, and filled with plants. The air was so fresh. Some of the houses had huge gardens; some even had vineyards in their yards. All of them were completely adorable. We even found the cutest little orange and white cat who was friendly enough to come greet us when we passed his garden gate.

After getting back, we went to Aida Cafe with Toria for an evening coffee and snack where I spent my last 2.06 Euros cash (plus 14 cents from Marion - thanks again!). Hefty foreign ATM fees are a beautiful thing (kidding, obviously) that I didn't want to deal with that day. Nothing was going to ruin my nice day off from school.

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